JANUARY OBSESSIONS. rain drop. drop top. party monster. fabric samples. sleeping in. oscar votes. tag me in. i'm sure you're tired of seeing my face everywhere, i'm sorry. yet, as someone who has labeled themselves as "temporarily homeless" for much too long, by way of my own stubborness, i am that much closer to the completion of re-settling my roots on the west coast. it's been almost a year since i started this project and only a few more months (fingers fucking crossed) until i can move all my shit out of my mom's house. again. final home alone watch tally christmas 2016: 27.

LEMME QUOTE THAT SHIT. "happiness is beneficial for the body, but it is grief that develops the powers of the mind" - marcel proust.

THAT'S THE THING. about happiness. it's an entitiy that appears in a different form to everyone. your version of it is most likely different than that of the person sitting beside you. what you need in order to summon this entity is also different than that of those around you. for some it comes easy. for some it's more difficult conjure. the final, end game feeling is still the same for all of us. much like life and death, we will all take different journeys to the same final destination.



today's search: 🐞LADYBUGS🐞
FACT: ladybugs will swarm to find warm places to hibernate. when one ladybug has found a nice ‘snuggle’ spot they will release a pheromone to let the others know where to find the warm resting place.
FOLKLORE: thought to carry away illness. grant wishes. reveal from which direction your future lover will emerge. bring good weather, good harvest, good luck.
FALSE: you cannot tell a ladybug's age by its spots. they do not grow bigger as they emerge as adults and remain the same size.

the hunna - sycamore tree
hate drugs - never wanna leave
astronomyy - hypnotized
swim deep - honey
post malone - no option
good great fine ok - you are everything to me
galimatias - pretty thoughts
the xx - i dare you
khalid - saved
colony house - you & i
bad suns - swimming in the moonlight