road trips fucking sucked. okay, maybe they didn’t all the time, but they’d lost here, and this was one of those days where they’d lost terribly. well, it was a one goal loss, but this was their fifth straight, and third on the road. taylor would have given anything to go home. and he meant actual home, back to chicago, not just the martinelli household. sure, they were nice enough people, and their daughter was ridiculously hot, but he wanted to see his friends from home, old teammates, the sights and sounds of the city he called home. more than anything, he wanted to see his dad. it had been four months since he’d passed away, and he one hundred percent missed him. it was cliché, but it was like a piece of him was missing. and fuck it sucked. there wasn’t much of a will, or anything that was left to him. no house, no car, or anything worth money; just a couple of chains, an old college jersey, and his old wedding ring. not that taylor cared about materialistic things, but he just felt like it wasn’t enough to remember his dad by. sure, there were a bunch of old hockey photos, but his dad was so much more than a college hockey player. in taylor’s opinion he was the best dad that anyone could ever ask for. sometimes it still didn’t feel real. it just wasn’t fair to him that life could be that cruel to one person. it was bullshit. and maybe that was why taylor had got three game misconducts in the last five. maybe that was why they’d lost. he was sure the coaches blamed him, and there were probably some teammates that blamed him too. he was frustrated. not at his play, his teammates, his coaches, his friends, at life, mostly.

but life had brought him here. three in the morning trudging into the front door of a stranger’s house. his host family, whatever. they were great people, and he would probably be forever thankful that they volunteered to take a spirit player in every year. they were really no ordinary family though. who had two hockey playing kids, one under the roof, and one other mouth to feed, and then took another one in? crazy, right? maybe for some people, but the martinelli’s took it in stride and made taylor feel like he was one of their own. changing out of his suit and into something he could fall asleep in, some sweatpants, he turned the light out in his bedroom, phone in his pocket, whipping his head around as he heard what sounded like a laugh from the room next to his, the only two upstairs. he’d kick himself if it wasn’t a laugh and it turned out that aj had been kidnapped and he’d done nothing about it. so he went down the hallway and poked his head in to make sure that she was okay. the room was relatively dark, except for the glow of a laptop screen that lit her face up. knocking on her door a couple of times softly, taylor raised an eyebrow. “why are you still awake?” he questioned, sliding his tongue between his teeth. something about tumblr or some bullshit that he didn’t care about or was really listening to at all, but she was cute, so he pretended to listen and nod a couple of times, shutting the door and walking over to the bed, sitting down at the edge. maybe he could talk to her about his frustrations. but that would be stupid, because he’d specifically begged her parents not to tell the kids. and that’s what she was, a kid. she probably wouldn’t understand anyway. so he let her parrot on about something or another, and he tried his best not to think about his dad. or his bitch mother either. but she was still talking, and my god was it annoying. “do you ever shut up?” he almost growled, and getting some sarcastic, obvious 16-year old retort (”make me”) back, he simply rolled his eyes and took her by the chin a little roughly. some girls were into it, and she just seemed like the type. not that he paid too much attention to her, but he could tell that during this whole one-sided conversation she was basically burning a hole through his abs. yeah, he knew he was good looking with a good body, but it was a bit ridiculous how many girls threw themselves at him. it was honestly easier to say yes then it was to say no and apologize, so now he just went with whatever. consequences didn’t seem that bad. would he ever regret it? he didn’t think so. but what 19-year old kid though of consequences?

shutting the laptop and placing it down on the floor with his free hand, taylor attacked aj’s neck with some rough kisses, and by the positive noises she was making, he though that was probably consent enough. but it wasn’t like he was going to have sex with her, because he would get in a serious load of trouble. so he’d make her want him so badly and then just up and leave because he was an asshole. his hand had slipped lower to just close around her throat a little bit, thumb running over her lip as he straddled her body, running his other hand over her breasts through her shirt. no bra, because it was late, or maybe she just didn’t wear one. who knew? it didn’t really matter to him. “are you going to be a good girl for me, ali?” he smirked, licking his lips a little bit. he thought he’d called her that once, and she’d immediately shot it down. not anymore, and with a little naïve nod and smile from the smaller girl, he licked his lips as he went back down to kissing her neck and up to her cheek, never straying to actually kiss her properly. sliding his hands up under her shirt, he played with her nipples, feeling them harden under his touch, and lowering himself down her body, he placed small kisses down her stomach and over her bellybutton, bringing his hands down to hook into her tiny cotton shorts, getting a little nod of approval to slide them down and off, kissing up and down her inner thigh teasingly, feeling her shiver just a little as he got closer. pausing a little, he licked his lips and looked up at the cute girl biting her bottom lip in anticipation. smiling evilly and narrowing his eyes, taylor chewed on his bottom lip when he locked eyes with her. “i better go…” picking up her shorts and starting the process by sliding them on and up to her shins, he slid off the bed. “hey, kiddo,” he smirked, looking back over his shoulder, “think of me when you do it.” taylor winked, walking back out of her room, remembering to shut it, and walking down the hall back to his room. he was sure that she wasn’t going to follow him, and he was right. he smiled to himself, sure he’d got what he wanted. another girl that blindly wanted to let him fuck her senseless, and that filled the hole in his heart tonight. tomorrow? it wouldn’t. the next road trip? he’d find some other girl, but alexandra martinelli was tonight’s girlfriend. this relationship was doomed from the start.