11 february 2017
Stop whatever you’re doing, I need you to talk to me.
That’s alright, it’s not as if I was in the middle of contract renegotiations for Eva Green or anything.
Shush, this is more important.
It's about Bran.
Christ’s sake, what’s he done this time?
He slept with Nat Parrish.
Wait, while you two were together?
Well, no, while we were split up.
While you were split up.
I’m not following what the problem is, Bea.
He never told me about it. He’s keeping secrets, Clay.
Doesn’t it make more sense that he hasn’t told you simply because it doesn’t mean anything? I doubt he’s smart enough to try and keep elaborate secrets from you.
I’m going go ahead and ignore that dig in order to further focus on the problem at hand.
I heard about it from a bloody PA. He worked on Mudbound with me, and La La Land before that, and he mentioned that he thought it was “so cool” that I was “totally chill” with being friends with someone who’d slept with my boyfriend. Not that I blame Nat, naturally, none of it’s her fault – Bran’s a catch, you know? How do you turn that down? And it’s not like she’s a close friend or anything, but she was still a friend, or at least friendly, and Bran’s gone off and slept with her. Slept with her!
While you two were broken up.
That isn’t the point!
Then what IS the point?
She’s better than me, Clay. What if he settled? What if he only got back with me because she got back with Dan? I mean, she’s an Academy Award nominee for Christ’s sake. And she’ll probably win it, even though Isabelle clearly deserves it.
You’re an Academy Award nominee too, Bea.
But I didn’t win it. And I’ve just spent the last year muddling my way through critically panned projects. She’s gotten nothing but praise with hers, you know. How do you compete with that? I’ve never done anything that’s gotten the attention that film’s gotten.
Overblown praise – you know plenty of people think this La La Land craze has been blown wildly out of proportion. And I know, I know, Bran was in it and you thought he was dazzling, but face it, Bea: the film isn’t as bloody outstanding as the awards are making it out to be.
Besides, you know full well you’ve always been singled out as carrying projects. TLBO, especially. People didn’t like the film, but they loved you. That says quite a bit, don’t you think?
But that’s not the same, Clay. It’s just not. And she’s got a huge franchise on the horizon, even! Marvel!
This would be where I tell you that you could’ve had Scarlet Witch if you’d wanted it. YOU turned it down.
Can we not, Clay? I thought you were finally over that.
And she’s beautiful, besides.
So are you, Bea.
Stop, Clay. I’m not fishing for compliments. I’m just venting.
I know you aren’t. But I think you need to hear it when you get like this.
Have you talked to Bran about any of this?
Of course not.
What do you mean, “of course not?” Bea, we’ve been over this. You can’t expect him to be a mind reader.
I’ve never expected him to be. I expected him not to sleep with friends of mine, but that’s on me, I suppose. I knew from the get go he couldn’t keep his hands off his costars. He slept with Jess Chastain, you know.
Yes, I know. You’ve mentioned it once or twice.
At some point you need to stop thinking everyone’s out to abandon you. I don’t particularly care for him, but this seems like an awful lot of responsibility to saddle on someone that doesn’t even know you’re bothered by it. Have you talked to Minna?
I’m not putting her in that kind of position. She’s close with Nat, adores her. Can’t blame her.
Stop doing that, Bea.
Stop doing what?
Acting like she’s better than you. You’re both talented, let’s just leave it at that. Don’t start the self-pitying, it doesn’t suit you.
You really should be talking to Bran about this, besides.
I hate bothering him with stuff like this.
What, your feelings?
These sort of feelings, yes.
You’re absolutely impossible. Have I told you that lately?
No, but I never tire of hearing it.
Just talk to Bran before this gets any worse, sweetheart. And it will get worse, if you keep sitting around making things up in your head. You know how you get.
I resent that.
But I get it.
Because I’m always right, I know. Let me know how it goes, yeah?
Charlie Fitzallan
13 February, 2017 at 11:51 AM
Call Back

Bee, it's Charlie. Are you okay? I woke up to half a dozen voicemails from you - did something happen? I couldn't really make it out, you didn't sound great; I just know you were crying a lot, which makes me assume something happened with Rucco, but. Call me back, honey. Grace and Luna'll be out most of the day - something about a girl's shopping day, I wasn't entirely listening - so I'll be around. We can do lunch soon, if you want. Love you, call me back.

12 february 2017
where'd you go?
i have more champagne for you, come back over here
bumble bea bumble bea bumble bea
i just saw rucco leave alone, are you okay?

13 february 2017
how are you feeling this morning, boo boo?
i almost came over to check on you last night, you seemed so bent out of shape
much better pumpkin, thank you xx
a little golden girls marathon did wonders. i appreciate you thinking of me!
do i need to beat anyone's ass?
hahaha i appreciate the offer but no, you certainly do not
we worked things out. i think?
you "think"?
i mean, i wrote him a letter, told him i was wrong, apologised profusely. i think things are pretty smoothed over at this point
glad to hear it, honey
lunch tomorrow?
you know i would normally love to, but i think it might be best if i say no?
come on, you're going to hurt my feelings!
you remember why i was fighting with bran, right? because i bugged out about nat? i just don't think bran would appreciate it if i turned around and went to lunch with you
you're just going to let him tell you what to do?
he's not telling me to do it. i'm just trying to diffuse a situation before it happens
you know i adore you. just give it a couple weeks. i'll see you at the oscars, though, yeah? x
assuming you're allowed to speak to me lol
haha, stop. i'll call you sometime in the next couple of days, i need to tell you all about how han solo's been going!
look forward to it 😘
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Just an FYI
Gemma Collins
to me, Clay Collier

I'm sure that by now you've caught wind of Minna's comments on Casey, so, let me say this: under absolutely NO circumstances are you to speak about it (that is, of course, unless you're going to come out and say that she was in the wrong, which would at the very least help show you know how to play with the politics of Hollywood even if she does not). I have worked very, very hard to keep you and your reputation absolutely pristine, Bea. I know that you love her, but once again, she's mucked things up for herself in a way that could reflect poorly on anyone that chooses to have her in their social circle. Do I need to remind you of the hoops Clay and I had to jump through to even get you on the shortlist for Han Solo - much less the actual fucking role - after she failed Disney's drug tests for Rogue One? In this business, sometimes it doesn't matter that you haven't done anything wrong, because the company you keep can be much more telling. You need to wrap your head around that.

Also, please stop picking fights with Brandon - at least in public. I was up all night getting a god damn intern that live tweeted your little shouting match with him at that BAFTAs after party to take down the entire incident before any gossip rags caught hold of it. With all the positive buzz that's already surrounding Mudbound, we don't need you painted as some vindictive, petty girlfriend that won't let her boyfriend be around other females. You're better than that. You're welcome, by the way.

Gemma Collins
Partner and Senior Publicist
Mark Collins PR LTD.
Britannia House
11 Glenthorne Road
London W6 0LH
+44 (0) 207 205 2700

to Gemma Collins; Clay Collier
Under absolutely NO circumstances are you ever to e-mail me again about something like this. I have never, and will never, say anything bad about Min, and the fact that you have even any remote illusion that I would shows how very little you know and understand me, Gem. She said absolutely nothing that (hopefully) the masses weren't already thinking, and truthfully, I wish I had the ability to say the same thing without you breathing down my neck telling me it's not "on brand." She's brought up a horrible double standard, and if I had even an ounce of the backbone she does, I would've spoken on it myself after he won the Golden Globe. He is, after all, the (main) reason I refused to do The Finest Hours. As you're well aware.

As for Bran: that I will sit here and take full responsibility for. Though, really, don't you think you're overreacting (like, sort of a lot)? I'm not Taylor Swift, no one cares whether or not I've yelled at my boyfriend (much less what the fight was even about) so I imagine that was quite the waste of time for you. I appreciate you thinking they do, though. Gives me a great ego boost.

Cheers xx

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to Gemma Collins; Bea Fitzallan
I think I can speak for both of us, Bea, when I tell you that it's a very, very good thing you are not Taylor Swift. Can you imagine trying to deal with that walking trainwreck? Count your blessings, Gem, we could be dealing with a lot worse.

Clay Collier
Founding Partner and Talent Manager
Tavistock Wood Management
Tavistock Wood 45
Conduit Street
London W1S 2YN
+44 (0) 20 7494 4767
beafitzallan in my natural state: so full of food that i'm nearly weeping of happiness
brookiebear where's minna??????
chrisfitzallan WOW WHAT A CHUNKER

weshouldbreakup this is going well
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