Vulture @vulture · Feb 9
Elizabeth Alton might star in a TV series about female astronauts shut out by NASA in the '60s
Elizabeth Alton Developing Series About Female Astronauts
She's the latest A-list woman to get into event-series production.

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Not My President @ErrareAngelus · Feb 9
@vulture "Elizabeth Alton stars in 'Concealed Characters', Vulture calls it 'A powerful piece on the strength of women, breathtaking!'"
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Tax-free Hands. @thewayoftheid · Feb 9
Elizabeth Alton stars in...Becky With The Good Figures
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Sonja Nelson @starlightrdo · Feb 9
Elizabeth Alton's project isn't a 'Hidden Figures' copycat. It's based on 'Mercury 13'

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Morgan Jerkins @MorganJerkins · Feb 9
Do y'all see what's going on here?
Morgan Jerkins @MorganJerkins · Feb 9
When Black women do something extraordinary, someone always has to ask, "Well what about white women?" As if we forgot that they exist.
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The Goddess of Light @GoddessCru · Feb 9
@MorganJerkins Basically white women after Hidden Figures, to he honest.

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greta's rent @vondervoman · Feb 9
Thank god I cancelled Elizabeth Alton after the antifeminism of GONE GIRL so i dont have to deal with her HIDDEN FIGURES rip off
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Vee @Vee_Ann002 · Feb 9
Hey @elizabethalton, wanna quit your white @HiddenFigures bs? Your attempts to talk politics too while you're at it...

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octavia spencer @octaviaspencer · Feb 10
@elizabethalton congrats on mercury 13. For too long women have been pushed to the background. Tell this story.
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Awesomely Luvvie @Luvvie · Feb 12
We just can't have SHIT.
Julie Niesen @winemedineme · Feb 12
@Luvvie the association of ever-embarrassed woke white women (AEEWW) claim no responsibility for this one.
❄Ships-n-Giggles❄ @Maggie4Beers · Feb 12
@winemedineme @Luvvie this is killing me. I know the timing is gauche, but there isn't any Mercury 13 story on screen/tv.